ezy stylesha .lyssa stylesha . erma stylesha . nina alyson . alyaa . wany stylesha . effa stylesha . syasya stylesha . miey stylesha . sha stylesha . jiehah stylesha . azmeilia stylesha . nur adilah stylesha . amanda stylesha . yunie :)

 i know i hurt you , i know im stupid enough for letting u down , i didnt mean to do that, i hate when u keep mad at me.it sickens me, we have talked about it , and yet u still cant tolerate with me , not even once , i honestly dont feel good enough for u. If i have to do it behind my back, i would  have alreay done that before, and just so u know the word ' fuck off ' before this, its mainly hurts the most.but i forget it already,i will literally do whatever it takes to make u happy again and it makes me feel terrible..and idk why , its bad enough I suffer with my depression and such.. I honestly don't even know what to do anymore.. I'm completely torn apart and hurt, because i don't feel good enough for you, i love everything  about u , u always make me smile, laugh  , happy , and do stupid jokes, i dont care about ur look , everytime i said ure ugly , i never mean it , i know u always felt like its embarrassment to be seen in public with me ,u feel like horrible about how u look like and could look better and be handsome like those other boys , i just wanna let u know that, ure perfect to me , and to be honest, ure good looking guy, even my friend said that, and i dont like compliment you because i know ure good looking, and i love teasing u , I don't know what else to say  I love you with all my heart but I just want u to feel u really worth to me ,u know what sayang? it hurts me the most when u said i dont love you , cant u see how i spent all my time with u ? talk to u everyday and never get bored talking to u, yet eventho im sleepy, i managed  to talk to you and pretend like im not sleepy at all, and i always said i sleep first because i want u to sleep and i dont wanna bother u at all , coz i know ure tired ;) but sometimes i just need ur attention coz i dont wanna talk to anyone else, but u made me to do so, and yes i promise , i wont talk to him anymore coz i get it you dont like it, i already block him on skype, i hope ure happy, and i never get bored listen to ur story , stare at your face , i love every moment of us , i love how u make me go shopping like crazy girl , and i love how u trying to understand  what makeup is like to me , and i love how u discover my fav things, ure so cute, i was really happy when u bought me lipsticks, and until now, i only wear those lipsticks that u bought me , coz i really appreciate it, i even cried when i thought i lost the lipstick u bought for me, :') and i keep all your cards , ur stuffs,,,, i miss you and i miss us ,i went to obiey room just now , and i still imagine u were there, and smile at me ,:)   whatever you do , ill love you endlessly , u are everything to me, take care , goodnight , awak , im sorry for everything,
and this song is for u

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